Friday, April 22, 2011

New Accpeted Entries

I Accepted a Model, bu_ny
and i accepted an interviewer, dimpledall
the rest, i am thinking..
the magazine might be coming out
1-2 months (its gonna take a loong
time to recruit a staff)

xx, Lina


  1. hiya!

    My name on Stardoll is ilv123
    and I was wondering if I could model for you!?!?

    Please contact me via dollmail or in my gb saying something like 'I've accepted you to be a model for cloudy magazine'...

    thank you!
    Oh, and if no, then please also tell me!

  2. Hey.. I want you to ask: maybe we could become partners? My magazine blog:

  3. heY! Where can i apply as model?
    My portfolio is this:

    Thank you!

    PS: this magazine will success ;)